Canoeing- the DuMoine River is a very popular river for canoe enthusiasts. Extensive waterways in a pristine wilderness environment means that trips of 2-7 days are easily put together.

ATV's- riding is unlimited as there are hundreds of miles of roads and trails. ATV's must be licensed and insured.

Snowmobiles- the same opportunities exist as for ATV's. However there are no management or services between October 15th and ice out.


Wildlife, like these Canadian geese, are common in the wilderness surrounding the Club.

Build unforgettable memories with your families in this wilderness retreat.

Many of the lakes are accessible by sea plane.

Fun for the whole family!

Due to it's remoteness and hundreds of miles of waterways, canoe trips and other water activities are popular.

One of the remote cabins available by reservation to members.

God's promise.

One of the spectacular views on the river.

A popular river area and an excellent site to fish for Walleye.

As far as the eye can see!

ATV and four wheeling isn't just for fun here but necessary.